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Around the World in Trendsetting Petfood Launches 

February 15, 2022 | 4 min read

Around the World in Trendsetting Petfood Launches

Anyone who reads this space regularly knows I have a love for new product innovation. I spend a fair amount of time looking at where people see whitespace and what’s going on in other markets. It’s inspiring, sometimes head scratching – immunity-enhancing tuna fish, for instance, but always enlightening.

So, in the spirit of continuous innovation and with an assist from Mintel’s GNPD and their expert analysts, here’s a look at some of last year’s notable new petfood products from around the globe.

Pet & Planet Friendly

As goes the market for people foods, so goes the petfood segment. Same people. Same trends. No surprise then that petfood brands are embracing sustainability whether through packaging, processing, ingredients or giving back.

Jude's Ice Cream for Dogs

Jude’s Ice Cream for Dogs – United Kingdom

Interesting. This consumer ice cream brand, the company offers dog ice cream under its flagship brand, which has a social and environmental mission. Jude’s claims it’s “Britain’s first carbon negative ice cream company, removing more CO2e from the atmosphere than it emits.” It’s also a certified B Corp., which means it voluntarily adheres to positive social and environmental practices with the stated goal of “putting people and planet before profit.”

Kudos to Jude’s for educating customers on what it means to be carbon negative. (See last month’s Pet Scoop for more on this.) 

So far, the company only offers a single flavor – non-dairy Strawberry, Apple & Banana Ice Cream for Dogs. Made with strawberry and banana purees, apple juice and a dash of beetroot juice for color. Reading about this has me wondering if there’s a list of favorite canine ice cream flavors. How did they land on these flavors? If anyone out there knows of a list of canine flavor faves, please share. Or, if you are experimenting with this flavor, we offer a blended banana/strawberry puree.

Terra Canis Save the Planet Dogfood – Germany

This German brand of wet dogfoods aspires to be climate neutral. It donates 10 cents from every can sold to environmental projects around the globe. One product/project is the gourmand-sounding – Ocean Saver Duck with Beetroot, Sea Buckthorn & Marine Treasures Complete Dog Food.

Terra Canis Pet Food

The Ocean Saver line supports One Earth – One Ocean, which funds global efforts to cleanup plastic, oil and chemical pollution in oceans. Also, the Terra Canis brand uses on pack QR codes to show consumers the carbon offsetting credits it acquires through Climate Partner. 

Once again, bravo to this brand for helping consumers connect the dots on its sustainability initiatives. 

Local Sourcing

European pet owners pay more attention to petfood provenance than those in other global regions, reports Mintel. This locavore trend has pet owners looking for locally sourced ingredients. Some of the increased interest in ingredient sourcing is linked to quality concerns, although another reason is that people want to support their local economies. They see buying local as being more earth friendly. This trend is increasing in the US., which makes sense since pet parents want safe, reliable, quality and sustainably sourced food options. 

Best Friend Complete Feed for Sterilized Adult Cats with Fresh Chicken and Fish – Sweden

Super-differentiation can be seen in this product for neutered adult cats. This plays to nutritional segmentation for specific pet needs. It’s also said to be made with “carefully selected, high-quality ingredients from local producers” and to feature Nordic authenticity.

While I’m not sure what ‘Nordic authenticity’ is, I understand the appeal. 

Wildes Land Chicken & Salmon with Vegetables & Wild Herbs Dry Cat Food – Germany

This brand beckons German pet owners with its ‘made from local ingredients that are carefully processed using traditional methods.’

Here again, the brand is connecting with pet parents by offering food that’s been prepared thoughtfully and promises to ensure treasured pets are getting the best quality food available.

Healthy Pets = Happy Owners

People are taking proactive measures to bolster their own health and immunity, so it’s no shock to see this same trend in petfood. The following petfood brands are delivering specific health benefits with unique ingredients.

Zesty Paws Core Elements Pumpkin Flavor Probiotic Bites – USA

The soft chews are said to be chewable with premium ingredients to support gut function and maintains proper gut flora. Ingredients: Glycerol (Coconut Derived), Linseed, Chickpea Flour, Tocopherol Concentrate Mixed (Mixed), Natural X Flavourings (Natural) (Oregano, Linseed, Plum), Natural Vegetable Flavour (Natural), Palm Oil (Palm Derived), Papaya, Pea Flour, Pumpkin, Rosemary Extract, Sunflower Lecithin, Cassava Flour  

Lokuno Chicken Stew with Carrots & Buchu Adult Dog Food – South Africa

Immune support is the promise of this dogfood brand. Native to South Africa, buchu oil is said to provide immunity support. As a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins, it’s known for its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Pet Guard Boyangdaecheop Harmony Insect Mealworm with Banana and Castanea Crenata Shell – South Korea

Digestive health is the promise of this protein packed food. Along with eco-friendly mealworms, it contains prebiotics, probiotics and fiber to support gut health.

Leaps & Bounds Kangaroo & Vegetable Grain Free Food for Adult Dogs – Australia

The healthy appeal of this kibble is the naturally low-fat kangaroo meat, which is high in protein and is fortified with vitamins and minerals. To seal the deal, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives are included. 


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Thinking About Sustainability Claims?

For us at Tree Top, sustainability is never far away. It’s at our core – it’s the reason our company came into being. Tree Top was established in 1960 as a grower-owned agricultural cooperative to save excess, ugly fruit that wasn’t acceptable for the fresh market from going into landfill. Our founding growers didn’t want to see healthful fruit go to waste. Want to meet a few of our growers? View their stories here.

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