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More Fruit, More Forms, More possibilities… Every product Tree Top makes is with our customer in mind. We work closely with product developers to design the optimum ingredient for any finished product. That’s true for Dried Apples and our entire array of fruit ingredients. Our dried fruit product line includes Low Moisture, Regular Moisture, Intermediate Moisture apples, and Dried Fruit Flake Powders in every fruit flavor and form imaginable. Click here to explore our dried fruit...

Tree Top’s Formulated Fruit Preps are custom formulations developed for specific customer products. With several different processing methods; such as aseptic or pasteurization and a team of skilled product developers, we can produce custom fruit ingredients that meet your color, viscosity, flavor, texture and technical requirements. Explore our fruit preparations and order a sample today. Click here to learn more about our fruit preparations...

Tree Top’s fruit juice concentrates are made from wholesome fresh fruit that make excellent sweeteners for baked goods, cereals, candies, frozen novelties, fruit snacks, jams, jellies, sauces and beverages. The same attention to detail and superior standards that go into our own brand — Tree Top — go into the ingredients we offer our customers. Over the years our portfolio of fruit offerings has expanded beyond apples and includes pears, strawberries, blackberries, Concord grapes, and raspberries.  If you don't see the fruit solution you are looking for, Northwest Naturals specializes in liquid fruit solutions and may be able to fulfill your needs.  Click here to explore all our fruit juice concentrates...  

Fruit is becoming one of the most popular vehicles for delivering a wide range of health benefits. Tree Top’s Fruit Purées are minimally processed, and provide a color boost and an enhanced flavor to both food and beverage applications. Discover the wide range of healthy advantages Tree Top’s fruit purées can bring to your next formulation project.  Explore all our fruit purées here...

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Consumers increasingly concerned with health and wellness are choosing products boasting with healthful ingredients. Fruit is becoming one of the most popular vehicles for delivering a wide range of health benefits. Our product development team, with backgrounds in food science, chemistry, microbiology, nutrition, sensory, culinary and engineering, can work confidentially with you to create a vast array of food and beverage products. Click here to learn more...

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In this white paper, we will review the selection, processing, shelf life, nutrition, and practical aspects of the use of evaporated and low moisture apple products in snacks, bars, cereals and bakery products.

While fruits have always projected a healthy halo, a growing body of research indicates the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables can improve our mental well-being or aid with cognition.

Fruit ingredients, from drum-dried powders and flakes to purées and concentrates, can aid and extend shelf life in baking applications and other food systems. Fruit ingredients present formulators with another tool in their arsenal when seeking clean label solutions.

Many industries would envy the hard cider industry’s double digit sales increases for the last three years and counting. Meeting consumer demand for this popular beverage requires a reliable supply of high-quality apple juice or other fruit juices with the appropriate attributes for cider brewing.

Antioxidants, fiber and clean label implications — these and a host of other benefits make fruit powders, concentrates and purées attractive ingredients for pet food or treat formulations. In addition, consumers’ top concerns when purchasing pet food include a desire for foods processed in the U.S. and cleaner, simpler product profiles.

The industry push for clean labels shows no signs of slowing down. Indeed, its rapid acceleration is fueled by consumer demand for foods formulated with simple, more natural ingredients whenever possible.


  • Foodborne Illness

    During the past few years, I’ve been working to revalidate Tree Top’s manufacturing processes for microbial reduction. Throughout this journey, I reflected on the origin, history, and science behind food spoilage. My contemplation led me to the idea of creating a series of blogs, exploring this topic and sharing with you – our Tree Top voyage. This series of articles will focus on pathogenic and spoilage bacteria, known control methods, how the food industry tests, defines, and implements process treatments to affect the destruction of these organisms, and some great ideas for controlling processes to ensure repeatable results...READ MORE

  • Dog wants a snack

    So, I recently read the title of a Mintel report – Pet Parents a New Breed of Snack Consumer (kudos to the author for the wordplay) – and the first thought that came to mind was: Do pet owners’ snack differently than non-pet owners? Do they favor savory snacks over sweet? Crunchy vs. chewy? Are cat owner snacking preferences the same as dog owners? My mind was whirling with the possibilities. Of course, I’m sure you’ve already guessed that wasn’t the point at all. The main premise of the report was the line between people food and petfood is blurring as people seek to bond with their pets by snacking together...READ MORE

  • In a recent category overview of the hot and cold cereal market in the U.S. Mintel reported that the $11 billion segment is expected to post a dollar sales decline of 3.8% in 2021, as people get back into their breakfast routines outside the home once again. Long-term market stagnation is expected to continue through 2026, according to Mintel. The silver lining is that sales in 2021 are still expected to be 6% higher than in 2019 as people cling to their hybrid work-at-home situations...READ MORE

  • In part one of this blog, we discussed ways in which a food safety culture could be cultivated as part of the Global Food Safety Initiatives (GSFI) requirements. Creating and maintaining a ‘food safety culture’ is not only a requirement, but an essential initiative in providing safe and quality food products. Once the culture of a manufacturing facility expects and rewards food safe behaviors with a ‘top down’ approach, this integrity must be maintained and measured. With the commitment of top management and the trickle-down effect of a food safety culture, an organization can... READ MORE

  • Pet owners are influenced by consumer trends – after all they’re consumers – and many of those same consumer trends flow right into the pet food segment. Good gut health is one of those consumer trends bridging the people food/pet food gap. Over the past decade or so, the food industry has done a great job communicating the benefits of good digestive health. So now people have an understanding that their gut health is important to their overall wellbeing. And in another case of ‘what’s good for me is good for my pet...READ MORE

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