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December 24, 2018 | 2 min read

I’ve tried to get a head start on my holiday shopping this year, but between work and other obligations it has been exceptionally hard to set aside time. So, like so many others out there it seems, my online shopping carts are full of holiday prizes, presents, and treats.

I’ve noticed, though, that I’m not the only one, and that this online shopping trend transcends the holiday season. Recently, I’ve been reading several reports about how pet parents have also been migrating toward online shopping for their furry family member’s day-to-day goodies. 

With numbers like these, you can see why companies are growing their online presence:

  • $2.8 billion in online sales forecasted for 2018 – making up 16% of the market
  • 31% growth in pet products reported by Amazon in the first two quarters of 2018
  • 11% increase in overall pet product sales across all online platforms

It doesn’t take much digging or deep thinking to realize why—millennials have been gravitating toward more online shopping for years now. They also account for the largest percentage of pet parents – 35 percent – and shopping online provides numerous benefits that this generation is capitalizing on:

  • Convenience
  • Economic value
  • Options
  • Transparency


More millennials are gravitating toward larger, metropolitan areas because that’s where the next generation of jobs are being created. These areas are not the most conducive to quick errand runs thanks to the congestion, which means doorstep shipping services are optimal for their fast-paced, cramped lifestyles.

It’s not just the metro areas experiencing this doorstep delivery convenience phenomena, though. More rural areas are capitalizing on this luxury because it reduces the demand to drive distances to reach the nearest brick and mortar store that sells their pet’s food.

Economic Value:

Digital platforms are also making purchasing pet food online a more economical option. Just five years ago, purchasing bulky, heavy items like pet food would send shipping costs sky high. Now, with programs like Amazon Prime and other websites offering options for free shipping, this barrier is broken.


Quite possibly the most significant reason we are seeing this spike in online purchases, however, is the simple fact that consumers are given more options to research and choose from, compared to what is offered on the shelf in a brick and mortar store. The digital universe is vast and can house more brands than a physical storefront. Millennials also tend to enjoy the luxury of assessing ingredients, and the ability to research where their pet food comes from before purchasing.


According to many industry experts, consumers will reconsider which brands they trust for themselves and their pets. Reliable and trustful information might be one if the strongest drivers of how consumers choose products. Facts, honesty, and full transparency will likely be even more important in attracting customers in the coming years.

As a grower-owned fruit cooperative, Tree Top has always believed in the importance of transparency and traceability from the field to the shelf. To meet some of our growers click here…… Or view the full line of product offerings available for your next pet food formulation project.

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