Tree Top


Tangerine Spiced Fruit


148 g Tree Top Apple Juice Concentrate, 70 Brix

122 g Northwest Naturals Orange Juice Concentrate, 63 Brix

3.10 g Northwest Naturals Lemon Juice Concentrate

575 g IFQ Apple Wedges

350 g IQF peach wedges, 1/2" thick

350 g IQF pineapple wedges, 1/4" a 1 1/2"

125 g sun-dried blueberries

12 g orange zest

0.10 g ground cinnamon

0.20 g ground allspice

0.60 g tangerine flavor WONF

0.90 g sea salt

2.50 g Ticagel gum

0.80 g Saladizer gum

100 g filtered water

7 steam pouches



Combine IQF apples, peaches, pineapple wedges and sun dried blueberries.  Mix dry ingredients; cinnamon, allspice, tangerine flavor, sea salt and gum together. Hydrate dry mix in water in small additions, mixing constantly.

Let stand until gum is completely rehydrated. Blend in concentrates and orange zest. Toss mixture with fruit last minute and hold frozen. Portion and seal in pouch. Immediately freeze.

Cooking Instructions:

Place frozen pouch in microwave oven with perforation facing up, on high setting for 2 minutes.

Shake bag and cook for additional 1 to 1½ minutes. Shake again and carefully cut off top of pouch and serve.

Intended for 850 to 1100 watt microwave. For higher power, place contents in microwave safe dish to heat.