Tree Top


Tangerine and Citrus Jamaican Jerk Sauce



330 g Tree Top No Sugar Added Tangerine Prep

165 g Northwest Naturals Orange Juice Concentrate, 65 brix

56 g Sherry wine

42 g honey

35 g soy sauce

17.60 g IQF jalapeno peppers

14 g lime juice

5.28 g IQF thyme

0.77 g tangerine flavor

35 g green onions, chopped

15 g IQF cilantro, chopped


46 g Tree Top Pear Flakes


14 g yeast extract

10.50 g red pepper granules

7.75 g ground allspice

1.94 g guar and xanthan gum blend

1.58 g ground turmeric

0.51 g koji aji powder



Blend the seasoning ingredients together until thoroughly combined.

Heat the remaining ingredients, except the green onions and cilantro, in a kettle. Add the seasoning and mix continously.

Cook to 160°F while continously mixing. Add the cilantro and green onions and remove from the heat.

Cool and pack into bags for refrigerated or frozen storage.