Tree Top


Strawberry Mascarpone Wonton


Pound Cake Wontons

304 g pound cake, room temperature

118 g Mascarpone cheese

8 g vanilla

6 g orange zest, fresh

0.50 g ground cardamon

1.20 g ground cinnamon

0.50 g ground nutmeg

8 g egg mix, fresh

1.30 g sea salt, fine

950 g Canola oil

300 g wonton skins

Strawberry Balsamic Sauce

272 g Tree Top Strawberry Puree

2 g white balsamic vinegar

6 g cornstarch

65 g Franjelica, brandy or port wine



Vanilla pound cake stuffed with seasoned mascarpone cheese and wrapped in a Wonton skin, fried crispy and drizzled with a strawberry balsamic sauce with fresh strawberries and more mascarpone cheese.

Pound Cake Wontons:

With pound cake laying flat and upright on cutting board, slice rounded cap/top flat. Continue to slice in 3 equal slabs approximately ¾" to 1" thick.

In a small mixing bowl, blend cheese with half of the egg mix, seasonings, chopped orange zest and salt; mix well. Spread mixture evenly on the top of the bottom and middle pieces and sandwich on toe top so middle layers are filled. Wrap in plastic wrap, smoothing out any filling that seeps out the sides. Place in freezer for 1 hour to set up filling.

Heat fryer oil to 360 F with skimmer and pan lined with paper towels for cooling reserved.

Removed frozen loaf and slice length-wise ¾" to 1" slices (7" x 4" slab), tip on side and cut again length-wise (2 each, 1½" x 7"). Cut across the grain into approximately 1½" x 1¾" rectangles. Set aside.

Lay out wonton skins and place one square of cake on each. Fold like a present completely sealing package with connected areas brushed with egg.

Fry wontons in oil for 2 minutes, carefully turning over and cooking until golden brown. Place on paper towel. Hold at room temperature for assembly.

Makes 18 – 20 won tons (8 servings).

Strawberry Balsamic Sauce:

In a small sauce pan, heat vinegar and strawberry puree to a low boil and cook, reducing by around one-third.

Mix cornstarch with chosen alcohol in a small dish and stir until incorporated. Add very slowly to boiling mixture and whisk until smooth.

Chill and serve.

45 g pound cake won tons
45 g Strawberry Balsamic Sauce (recipe below)
28 g Mascarpone cheese, room temperature
5 g honey, optional
30 g strawberries, fresh, optional
2 g mint sprigs, optional


Mix remaining mascarpone and honey with a spoon until smooth. Place a pool on serving plate. Swirl in balsamic reduction.

Cut one wonton in half and place on top of sauces with one whole wonton. Drizzle with additional strawberry sauce and garnish with sliced strawberries and mint.