Tree Top


Strawberry Basil Twist


415 g Tree Top Strawberry Puree

200 g lemon, fresh

12 g basil leaves with stem

413 g ice

3.20 g lemon zest, chopped

25 g granulated sugar, coarse



Remove zest from one lemon; chop fine and mix with sugar on a plate.

Cut lemons in 12-14 small wedges and muddle with lemon and basil leaf in the bottom of a glass or in one pitcher.

Slightly wet the rim of the serving glass and dip into lemon sugar.

Place muddled lemon, basil and ice into the serving glass. Pour in strawberry puree. Top with soda water and stir. Garnish with fresh strawberry and fresh basil leaf.

Makes approximately 3 – 6 oz. servings.