Tree Top


Mango Coconut Curry Crisps



4.46 g fine sea salt


31 g Tree Top Pear Fruit Flake Powder

137 g Tree Top Mango Puree

84 g flour

71 g white whole wheat flour

50 g dessicated coconut

40 g black sesame seeds

40 g white sesame seeds

18 g fine sea salt

9.20 g baking powder

1 g turmeric, ground

1 g ginger, ground

0.80 g cayenne, ground

42 g canola oil

2 g mango flavor

2 g coconut extract



Whisk together all dry ingredients.

Add the oil to the dry ingredients and stir until combined (will be dry).

Mix the remaining wet ingredients, including flavors.

Add the wet ingredients to the dry and stir to create dough. Knead for 1 minute  on floured surface. 

Divide dough into 70g pieces, cover and rest for 15 minutes (or store refrigerated for up to 2 days). 

Roll the cracker dough to the #3 setting on a pasta maker.

Cut into 1.5" x 1.5" squares and lay on parchment lined baking sheet. Spritz with water and sprinkle lightly with sea salt.

Bake at 300F for 12-15 minutes, rotating every 3 min.until golden brown on the edges.

Cool completely, then bag.