Tree Top


Jamaica Beach Spice Salsa


20 g Tree Top Apple Juice Concentrate, 70 Brix

7.12 g Tree Top Evaporated Apple Pieces, 1/4" x 1/4", unsulfured

5 g Tree Top Apple Flake Powder, 32 mesh, sulphur

2.10 g Northwest Naturals Lime Juice Concentrate, single strength

75 g water

60 g diced tomato, #10 can

45 g tomato puree, #10 can

8 g whole black beans

7.90 g 1/4" IQF onions, roasted

4.30 g apple cider vinegar

3.19 g fine sea salt

2.05 g clear gel gum

2 g small IQF cilantro

0.30 g garlic, minced in water

0.25 g apple flavor

0.15 g grillin GB

0.12 g tamarind flavor

0.12 g lychee flavor

0.12 g thyme leaves

0.12 g cinnamon, ground

0.10 g Koji Aji yeast

0.09 g Jamaican jerk flavor

0.08 g allspice flavor, natural

0.05 g nutmeg, ground

0.02 g red color



Mix flavors with salt and reserve. Mix all other dry ingredients and mix well and reserve. Add all wet ingredients to kettle and begin heating to 180 F, mixing constantly with whisk. Add flavor salt mixture, followed by dry mix, slowly and whisk until gum is completely hydrated. Hold at 180 F for 3 minutes and portion in 8 ounce tubs, seal and chill immediately.