Tree Top


Chicken with Pear, Walnuts and Cheese



500 g chicken breast

30 g olive oil

2.80 g sea salt

5 g black pepper, ground

45 g baby spinach

15 g curly endive

162 g grape tomatoes

8 g red onion, thinly sliced

40 g Goat cheese, crumbled

128 g pear, small, thinly sliced

30 g walnut halves, toasted

8 g lemon juice, fresh

120 g pear, walnut vinaigrette (recipe below)

Walnut Pear Vinaigrette

150 g Tree Top Pear Puree

45 g shallots, whole, peeled

0.75 g garlic, chopped

20 g vinegar, Pinot noir or Raspberry

4 g Dijon mustard

1.20 g sea salt

0.90 g black pepper, ground

1 g basil, fresh

1 g parsley, fresh

60 g walnut oil

65 g olive oil




Preheat barbecue grill to medium heat and season grates.

Trim chicken breasts and slightly pound. Rub with most of the salt and pepper, reserving a pinch of each for pears. Place carefully on grill and cook on each side for 3-5 minutes, depending on thickness. Cook to 150 F; remove from grill and let rest.

Slice pears approximately 3/8-inch thick and toss in lemon juice and remaining pinch of salt and pepper.

Heat flat bottom, non-stick pan to medium high heat and sear pears for 30 seconds; turn for additional 30 seconds depending on firmness and remove from heat.

Chop endive fine and place in large mixing bowl; toss with red onions and Pear Walnut Dressing and place on serving plates.

Slice chicken breast on bias angle cut 1/4-inch thick; place on top of each serving. Top with sliced pears, tomato, walnuts and crumbled cheese and serve.

Walnut Pear Vinaigrette:

Prepare 2 aluminum foil layer pouches and toss shallots in a teaspoon of olive oil with a good pinch of salt and pepper. Wrap tight in foil and bake for 40 minutes at 350 F until tender. Let cool to room temperature before blending.

Rough cut peeled garlic and shallots in food processor or blender. Add vinegar, pear puree, pepper, salt and mustard. Blend on high for one minute; scrape sides with spatula and blend an additional 30 seconds. Add oils in slow steady stream while continuing to blend. Remove from food processor and gently stir in the fresh herbs.

Keep refrigerated.