Tree Top


Caribbean Mango Chicken


Caribbean Mango Sauce

7.51 g Tree Top Apple Juice Concentrate

36 g Tree Top Mango Purée, 8 Brix

154 g mango jerk marinade

31 g whipping cream

2 g saladizer gum


4 chicken breast fillets

106 grams mango jerk marinade, 15% pick-up (recipe follows)

Caribbean mango sauce (recipe above)

Mango Jerk Marinade

70 g Tree Top Mango Purée, Single Strength, 13 Brix

6 g Northwest Naturals Lime Juice Concentrate

150 water

14 g olive oil

2.40 g frozen garlic, minced

1.76 g frozen ginger, minced

0.80 g allspice, ground

0.12 g cinnamon, ground

0.08 g nutmeg, ground

0.76 g coriander, ground

0.12 g brown sugar

0.30 g habañero chile flavor

0.28 g parsley leaf, dried

5.20 g salt

0.24 g black pepper, 18 mesh

1.18 g IQF cilantro leaf

0.14 g grillin GB, flavor

0.40 g cilantro flavor

0.60 g jamaican flavor

0.60 g saladizer gum




Prepare marinade as per recipe and vacuum tumble with trimmed and pounded breasts 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch thick, for 20 minutes. Grill on seasoned broiler and finish cooking in oven, covered, until internal temperature is 150 F. Chill and slice on bias 3/4 inch thick. Dress with caribbean mango sauce.

Caribbean Mango Sauce:

Blend marinade, mango purée, cream and apple juice concentrate, at medium speed. Dust in gum and blend until emulsified.

Mango Jerk Marinade:

Prepare blend of all dry ingredients with flavors.

In large mixing bowl, mix together mango purée, lime juice concentrate, water, garlic and ginger on medium setting with whip attachment. Add dry ingredients slowly and continue mixing.

Add oil in slow steady stream and continue mixing until emulsified.