Tree Top


Blueberry Granola Bites



329 g yogurt confectionery coating


72 g Tree Top Blueberry Apple Fruit Flake Powder

43 g Tree Top Blueberry Fruit Sensations

87 g Tree Top Raspberry Puree Variegate

14.4 g sugar

0.43 g salt

1.4 g red color

1.3 g blueberry flavor

0.87 g lemon flavor

0.69 g xanthan gum

115 g old-fashioned rolled oats

57.7 g crisp rice

31.7 g ground flax seed

12.4 g wheat germ

11.5 g whole wheat flour


8.6 g oat bran


72 g tapioca syrup

54.8 g glycerin

14.4 g canola oil



For the granola balls, mix together the salt and sugar, then put the flavors, color and xanthan gum on top and reserve.     
Mix the Blueberrry Apple Flake Powder and Blueberry Fruit Sensations with the oats, rice crisps, flax seed, wheat germ, flour, and oat bran until thoroughly combined; set aside.      
Mix the Red Raspberry Puree Variegate with the tapioca syrup, glycerin, and canola oil.      
Heat the liquid ingredients to 195°F, stirring constantly until sugar completely dissolves.     
In a standing mixer, pour the hot liquid ingredients over the reserved oat mixture and mix on low setting until incorporated.      
Scoop and roll into 4g balls until compact and evenly and smooth.      
Bake for 5 minutes at 275°F in a convection oven. Cool completely .       

To assemble the bites, melt the yogurt confectionery over a double boiler until fluid.     
Dip the granola balls one by one with a fork or toothpick, swirling for an even coat.      
Gently set on parchment paper to cool completely.      
Once the balls have hardened, trim off any excess coating and store in plastic containers.