Tree Top


Basil Vegetables with Apple Pine Nut Sauce


4 g Northwest Naturals Lemon Concentrate, 400 GPL 212701

25.11 g Tree Top Apple Juice Concentrate, TTAO1, 70 Brix

8 g Tree Top Apple, Drum Dried, 25 Mesh with Sulfur

70.94 g olive oil, blend, hydrogenated

15 g white wine

24 g Parmesan cheese, grated

20 g garlic, minced, frozen

28 g pine nuts, toasted, chopped

2.13 g Mire Poix flavor, drum dried, Quest Intl.

0.28 g Carrageen powder

0.28 g Agagum, #3173, TIC

2 g salt

2 g pepper, ground black, 18 mesh

0.81 g Saladizer, gum #702, Tic

2 g parsley, dried, leaf

6 g basil, medium, IQF



Blend all dry ingredients and reserve.

Mix lemon and apple concentrate, oil, wine, parmesan, garlic, nuts and basil. Add seasoning blend slowly while stirring.

Stuff in 1-1/2-inch round casing and freeze. Remove casing and cut in 30 gram pieces. Makes 180 grams.