Tree Top


Apricot, Brie and Pancetta Walnut Panini


Apricot Red Onion Jam

135 g Tree Top Apricot Puree

6 g olive oil

35 g red onion, finely diced

60 g water

6 g brown sugar

0.05 g sea salt

5 g fresh parsley, finely chopped

3 g fresh garlic, finely chopped


116 g walnut bread

30 g Brie cheese, chilled, sliced

22 g Apricot Red Onion Jam (see recipe above)

12 g Pancetta, pan fried, crispy

olive oil




Heat flat bottom frying pan and cook bacon until crispy and lay on paper towel.

Heat Panini press, griddle or heavy flat-bottom pan to medium heat (approx. 350 F).

Spread Apricot jam on either side of sliced bread. Lay sliced ¼” chilled brie cheese on 1 side and bacon on the other. Make sandwich; brush outside with olive oil and grill until toasted. Slice in half or bite-sized quarters and serve with additional jam, if desired, on the side.


Apricot Red Onion Jam:

Heat olive oil in small pan to medium heat. Add red onion and caramelize, stirring frequently and adjusting the heat to keep from burning. Onions should be dark and soft. Add a little water to reduce caramelization and soften.

Add remaining ingredients and simmer about 10 minutes or until onions are softened.

Yield: 4 – 6 servings (1 cup)