Tree Top


Apple Grain Twist



120 g egg mixed

45 g apple granules

17 g cinnamon

8 g allspice ground


40 g Tree Top Apple Concentrate, 70 Brix, TTA01

30 g Tree Top Evaporated Apple 1/8" x 1/8" sulfered

28.48 g Tree Top Apple Fiber, 20 mesh, non-sulfered

200 g white unbleached all-purpose flour

81 g chilled water

28.48 g chilled, salted butter

0.63 g clover honey

14.24 g bran

14.24 g whole wheat all-purpose flour

14.24 g oat bran

5 g fine sea salt

4.75 g baking powder

4 g apple flavor, natural

2.50 g allspice flavor, natural


Mix salt with flavors and reserve. Mix additional dry ingredients well, add chilled butter and blend until fine packable crumble.

Add apple concentrate and chilled water and knead 2 minutes maximum until smooth, let rest for 45 minutes before cutting and forming.

Cut and roll dough into 3 1/2 inch length by 1/4 inch high and about 4.7 grams each. Let dry for 10 minutes in open air. Hold one end twist 360 degrees, gently and lightly press.

Mix dry topping ingredients.

Brush each cracker with egg wash and sprinkle heavily, but not caked with topping.

Bake at 375 F for about 12 minutes. Turn tray and roll each cracker over in the baking process.

Let rest for several hours until all moisture is gone.