Tree Top


Apple Fruit Salad


330 g Tree Top Low Moisture Apple Dices

156 g pineapple chunks, canned (small can) (drain and reserve juice)

½ lb. seedless grapes

52 g lemon juice

60 g miniature marshmallows

pineapple juice

50 g egg, beaten

42 g sugar

9.50 g butter

8 g all-purpose flour

whipped cream (optional)



Combine apple dices with the lemon juice. Add the pineapple chunks, grapes and marshmallows.

Fruit Dressing:

Heat pineapple juice in medium saucepan. Add sugar and flour to beaten egg. Pour this mixture into pineapple juice; mix thoroughly. Add the margarine. Cook slowly until sauce thickens. Remove from stove and chill. Pour over fruit. Serve with whipped cream topping if desired.

Makes 8 servings.