Tree Top


Apple Cranberry Flaxette


35 g Tree Top Apple Concentrate, 70 Brix, TTA01

28 g Tree Top Apple Fiber, 20 mesh, non-sulfured

14 g Tree Top Evaporated Apple 1/8" x 1/8" sulfured

210 g white unbleached all-purpose flour

83 g chilled water

35 g ground flax seeds

29 g salted butter, chilled

14 g whole wheat flour

14 g unsweetened cranberry (dry), minced fine

3 g fine sea salt

2 g apple flavor, natural

1 g baking powder

1 g cranberry flavor, natural



Mince dry cranberries and reserve. Mix salt with flavors and reserve. Mix additional dry ingredients well, add chilled butter and blend until fine packable crumble. Add apple concentrate and chilled water and knead 3 minutes until smooth.
Cut and roll dough into 3½" length by ¼" high and about 4.7 g. Bake at 375 F for about 12 minutes, turn tray and roll each cracker over in the baking process. Let it rest for several hours under fan until all moisture is gone.