Tree Top


Apple, Butternut Squash and Kale Soup


175 g Tree Top Granny Smith Purée

48 g Tree Top Apple Flake Powder

1097 g water

260 g IQF roasted butternut squash

60 g IQF roasted onions

60 g pumpkin puree

28 g chicken broth powder

13 g IQF garlic, fire roasted

12 g mirepoix flavor

8 g lemon juice

2 g apple cider vinegar

1.40 g black pepper, ground

1.50 g koji aji powder

50 g extra virgin olive oil

1.20 g xanthan gum

50 g Sherry wine

24 g IQF kale, chopped

9 g IQF parsley

1.28 g IQF sage



Combine all ingredients except diced apples, Sherry wine, kale, herbs, olive oil and xanthan gum. Heat to a simmer.

Off the heat, puree with an immersion blender until smooth.

Emulsify olive oil and xanthan gum into the cooling soup.

Stir in kale, herbs and Sherry wine.

Serve immediately, or cool and pack into bags for refrigerated or frozen storage.