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U.S. 2020 Apple Crop Update

September 18, 2020 | 1 min read

The U.S. Apple Association is forecasting the 2020 apple crop at 253.3 million bushels.  A 3% decrease from 2019 and 2% less than the 5-year average.

U.S. Apple Association estimates the following production changes to the 2020 crop compared to 2019:

  • An 8% decrease in production in the Eastern U.S. estimated at 44.3
  • The Midwest to remain at same volume as 2019 at 22.5M
  • A 3% decrease in the Western U.S. (primarily Washington State) which is estimated at 186.5

Since the U.S. Apple Association announced crop estimates in August, there has been some chatter that the Washington State crop could expect a downward adjustment to the total.  In the past four weeks or so, fires and poor air quality is hindering the apple harvest process. As quantifiable data becomes available, we will provide more updates.

Source: U.S. Apple Association, August 2020

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