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More Millennial Fodder

August 25, 2017 | 2 min read

Not a week—scratch that—day goes by without an article, research study, commentary on Millennial habits, likes/dislikes and general demeanor. Despite being under this marketing microscope, Millennials maintain their optimism and openness. You have to admire that. Here’s a quick update on a few Millennial habits.

Fast & fresh

In a recent report by The NPD Group, the research company noted as Millennials are getting married and having children their lifestyle and food choices change—even while they cling to some of their generational attitudes. For instance at breakfast, convenience trumps cooking for Millennials with children. They want portable foods, which can be eaten quickly and don’t require cooking—yogurt, smoothies, bars, etc. Those Millennials without kids are more apt to select and prepare breakfast foods that are satiating, give them energy and are high in protein. Despite the divergence in food selections for convenience vs. satiation, Millennials in general still desire healthy, fresh, less processed foods with recognizable ingredients.

 Into pink

This same group of health-conscious, foodies are apparently driving a pink color trend in food. Millennials not only wear pink they eat pink—from pink fruit smoothies, to pink coffee house concoctions to beet hummus. And why not? Pink is a happy color—or at least a ‘happy hour’ color—with classic pink/rosé champagne, pink gin, tequila and all matter of wines, and blush-colored sparkling waters and sodas too. Apparently, a restaurant in NYC is even serving pink spaghetti.

 Quick facts

  • Of all consumers, Millennials are most receptive to subscribing to meal kits—but there must be a perceived price/value.
  • According to Innova Market Insights, Millennials have $1 trillion in buying power.
  • More than half (51%) of Millennials are not brand loyal—they don’t have a preference between private label and national brands. (Cadent Consulting Group)
  • Ten percent of Millennials self-identify as vegetarian or vegan. (Innova Market Insights)

 If you are looking to formulate a convenient, on-the-go breakfast item for the busy Millennial parent, Tree Top offers an extensive list of wholesome fruit ingredients, which are ideal for these types of applications. In addition to our healthful fruit offerings, we can also assist with product concepts to kick start your next project.

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