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1st Tree Top Innovation Fair finds added benefits

September 26, 2018 | 2 min read

Tree Top’s R&D department welcomes any customization challenge and we love working with our customers to create something brand new.  But we don’t stop there – the R&D team is constantly developing new innovative formulations and prototypes to meet the needs of the constantly changing trends in the food, beverage, and pet food industry.

When we decided to hold our 1st innovation fair, it was with the goal of sharing some blue-sky ideas and accomplishments with other team members, and receive input on our newly created formulations. Additionally, this venue provided an ideal educational setting to share what we make and how our products are used.

As with many large companies with many moving parts, sometimes, we’re so busy doing our jobs that we do not see the fruits of our labor in the tangible finished product.  In the course of making and delivering our fruit products to our customers, every Tree Top employee plays a crucial role in creating our wholesome fruit offerings. Starting with our Growers, Fruit Procurement, Manufacturing, Purchasing, R&D, Quality, Regulatory, Information Systems, Customer Service, Sales, Transportation, Finance, Engineering and HR.  And this event was a great venue to help them make that connection from field to retail products that their families enjoy.

Tree Top’s first Innovation Fair was held on Monday, July 23rd at our corporate campus in Selah, WA., where numerous great products and concepts were demoed.

The R&D team had a great time and received an overwhelming positive response to our newest formulations.  Some of the favorites were:

  • Fruit Frosting
  • Fruit and Cheese Crackers
  • Fruit Bites
  • Lemon mint sorbet

One of the biggest added benefits of the fair was the pride and ownership our employees felt after learning about where our fruit products ended up.  Something they had a part in making that millions of people are eating every day.

Tree Top truly believes “everyone deserves good food” and employees are proud to be a part of what we make and the impact we can make in the marketplace.

We invite you to explore our applications library that is filled with formulation ideas using our ingredient products.

If you need help with a specific ingredient requirement or formulation, we are ready to help you create your custom formulation.

To contact us, please visit our contact us page.  

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