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Contract Manufacturing

Maximize Your Resources

To remain competitive in today’s marketplace, many food and beverage companies are looking for ways to minimize rising costs and improve profit margins. Whether you’re looking to reduce transportation costs, increase production capacity, or enter into a new market segment, consider using Tree Top as a co-packer for your beverage, sauce or fruit packaging needs.

Supply Chain Management

We have years of experience sourcing ingredients, packaging material, “just in time” manufacturing, production scheduling, inventory management equipped with electronic tracking, order processing, transportation and distribution. Tree Top can manage your project from start to finish or you may choose the range of services that best meets your company’s needs.

Trust and Reliability

For over half a century, Tree Top’s discriminating quality standards have gained us a reputation for being a retail company consumer’s trust. With six processing plants on the West Coast, many other national brands have come to trust and rely on Tree Top as their contract manufacturer of choice.

Concept Development

While many contract manufacturers offer blending, packaging and manufacturing services, Tree Top offers resources to take your idea from concept to reality. Our development team, with backgrounds in Food Science, Chemistry, Microbiology, Nutrition, Sensory, Culinary and Engineering, can work confidentially with you to create a vast array of beverage and fruit products. Our development team takes pride in thinking outside the box and making innovative products a reality.


Tree Top believes quality starts with quality ingredients and production lines that are statistically reliable. We ensure our quality through our Quality, Regulatory and Operations Program, or Q.R.O.P. Our test methods and quality procedures are continuously reviewed and revised to ensure our standards meet the most up-to-date global requirements related to food safety, attribute testing and manufacturing best practices. You can feel confident the same high standards that go into our retail brand will be applied to your custom manufacturing needs.


Our production facilities are continually being updated with an emphasis on quality, efficiency and safety through process design and automation. We are equipped to manufacture a wide range of fruit and beverage products. If your manufacturing needs call for beverages, frozen premix fruit blends, fruit sauces or fresh packaged fruit in PET, polypro, tin, composite cans, cups, aseptic juice boxes, pails, drums or totes, consider contacting Tree Top for your contract manufacturing.

Packaging Design and Development

Tree Top’s engineering and packaging experts specialize in packaging designs that ensure a product’s integrity is maintained throughout its life cycle. Our design recommendations consider ease of use and packaging appeal for the consumer.

Product Categories


Fruit Drinks
Sports Drinks
Flavored Water
Juice 3 plus 1
Juice 5 plus 1


Apple Sauce, Blended Fruits & Vegetables 

Fruit Purée and Preps

Single Strength Fruit Purée
Concentrated Fruit Purée
Fruit Variegates
Yogurt Bases
Ice Cream Preps

Bulk Dried Fruits

Low Moisture Dice and Fruit Powder
Regular Moisture Dice, Chips and Grind

Frozen Fruits

Solid Pack (Strawberries)

Bulk Premix Beverage Blends

Fruit & Vegetable Blend 

Other Product Features:

Dog Bone Multipack
Registered Case Wraps

Product Sizes

Pouches (Form and Seal)

3.2 oz. - 6 oz.

Pouches (Premade)

70 ml - 500 ml

Fruit Sauce

4 oz.
4.5 oz.
24 oz.
48 oz.


46 oz.
64 oz.
96 oz.
128 oz.


128 oz.

Frozen Premix Beverages

10 oz.
12 oz.
16 oz.

Bulk Beverage

5 gallon Pail
55 gallon Drum
275 gallon Tote

Frozen and Aseptic Fruit Purée

32 oz.
5 gallon Pail
Bulk Drums and Totes

Fruit Purée and Preps

32 oz.
5 gallon Pail
Bulk Drums and Totes

Variety Pack for Juices and Sauce


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Physical Address
Tree Top, Inc
220 E. Second Avenue
Selah, WA 98942

Mailing Address
Tree Top, Inc
P.O. Box 248
Selah, WA 98942-0248

Phone: (509) 698-1544
Email: Dan Mathison


The contact information on this page is only for companies interested in having Tree Top contract manufacture their retail product. 

For consumer product inquiries, please visit our consumer site by clicking here.

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