Tree Top

About Ingredients


You may know us for our retail apple juice and sauce, but did you know that we provide fruit ingredients to more than 20 of the world’s top 25 food companies? We process and supply fruit ingredients, including: Dried Apples, Frozen Fruit, Fruit Juice Concentrates, Dried Fruit Powders, Fruit Purées, Formulated Fruit Bases and Infused Apples.

The leader in processed fruit

Recent studies are proving what we’ve always thought — eating fresh fruit is healthy. And health benefits are being attributed to our processed fruits, as well. Tree Top has become the leading processor of dried, frozen, pureed and concentrated fruits.

We start with great fruit

The Pacific Northwest’s pure glacial waters, rich volcanic soils, crisp nights and warm sunny days provide ideal growing conditions for top-quality fruit. And our approximately 1,000 grower-owners use modern growing, irrigation and harvesting techniques, which guarantee a continued supply of quality product.

We use advanced technology

From controlled-atmosphere storage to peeling and slicing machines that work without bruising, we use the best technology around. All of our plants are continually being updated with an emphasis on quality, efficiency and safety, through process design, automation and innovative packaging.


We devote staff, time and resources to developing new and better ways to process and use fruit ingredients. Rather than simply reacting to the market, we innovate.

We are your partner

Our business-to-business philosophy is one of cooperation and sharing. We develop prototypes that we share with customers. We can create custom ingredients that meet your specifications. We believe your success is our success.