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Frozen Apples

We are not currently offering frozen apples as stock at this time.  Please explore our other apple product offerings here: Fruit Products
General Product Specs
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Tree Top’s frozen apples are grown in the Pacific Northwest, regarded by many as the best apples in the world.  Our frozen apples are hand-picked at the peak of freshness, then washed, peeled, cored, sorted, trimmed, and cut to the desired piece size. They are either Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) or blast frozen for blanched and solid packed apple styles.

Available in Fresh, IQF (Individually Quick Frozen), or Solid Pack:

Fresh: Tree Top’s fresh apple cuts are chilled to hold in their juicy taste and crunchy texture, then immediately refrigerated.

IQF: Our IQF apples can be used in the same way as fresh product — IQF is free-flowing, requires no thawing, partial cases can be utilized, and batch-processing is convenient. Storage is recommended at -10°F until shipping.

Solid Pack: Solid Pack (either 3+1, 4+1, 7+1, or straight pack) offers a traditional method for processing our high-quality apple products. With Solid Pack, customers also have the option of blanching to avoid using any preservatives.

Benefits of Frozen Apples:

  • Product is free-flowing
  • Come in many shapes, including dices, cross cut, wedges, slices, in a variety of sizes
  • No thawing time
  • Partial case can be utilized
  • Makes batch-processing more convenient
  • Packaged in cardboard cases with bag liners
  • Retain the unique qualities of their variety: Fuji, Golden Delicious, Gala, Granny Smith and other upon request

Frozen Apples Applications:

  • Baked and fried pies
  • Fillings
  • Cookies
  • Cakes
  • Fritters
  • Muffins
  • Breads

Fruit Serving:

1 serving= 1 cup IQF diced @ 86.7% moisture= 110g

Per USDA guidelines, 1 fruit serving = ½ cup

Let us work with you to create a product to take advantage of the latest fruit consumption recommendations. Incorporating a full serving of fruit into your product creates a marketable advantage.


  • Available in 30 and 40 pound cases
  • Packaged in poly-lined corrugated boxes or 30 pound polyethylene pails

Preservative and Treatment Options:

Preservatives are used to delay enzymatic browning. We offer our fresh chilled and frozen apples preserved with sodium sulfite, alternative, or without preservatives. Frozen applications typically are treated with sulfite alternative. 


Sodium Sulfite: 200 ppm maximum Sodium sulfite is very effective at inhibiting both enzymatic and non-enzymatic browning, and has been used for centuries in its gas form (sulfur dioxide) for this purpose. 


Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid, Salts Alternative serves as both an antioxidant and an acidulant. In inhibiting oxidation, it does not destroy the enzymes, but rather is preferentially oxidized in place of other substrates, since browning occurs after thaw. 

Shelf Life and Storage Recommendations:

Frozen: Store at minus 10 F
Storage Temperature Ambient <70ºF Refrigerated <45ºF Frozen <0ºF
IQF Apples Not recommended Not recommended 1 year
Frozen Solid Pack Apples Not recommended Not recommended 2 years

Nutritional Information:

IQF Apples (Per 100 grams)

Nutrient Amount
Moisture 86.30 g
Ash 0.042 g
Calories 53.00
Protein 0.20 g
Carbohydrates 13.01 g
Dietary Fiber
1.30 g
Sugar-Total 7.80 g
Total Fat
<0.50 g
Trans Fat
0.00 g
Potassium 117.00 mg
Vitamin A
<100.00 IU
Vitamin C*
1.60 mg
Calcium 4.50 mg
0.13 mg
Sodium 95.00 mg

*Sulfite will give false positives for ascorbic acid.

Nutrition information calculated using Genesis Nutritional Database Software with adjustments based on processing. The information contained herein is, to the best of our knowledge, correct, but all recommendations or suggestions are made without guarantee or responsibility since the conditions of use are beyond our control. We disclaim any liability incurred in connection with the use of this data or suggestions.

Note: Actual product color may vary. Some items are custom formulated and may require minimum production runs. 

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