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Tyler Edwards

Blackberry Harvest 2017
7/10/2017 By Tyler Edwards
Blackberry 2017 in Oregon is currently underway and is expected to last until early August... Click title to read more.
Tart Cherry 2017
7/10/2017 By Tyler Edwards
Tart Cherry harvest has just begun in Washington State. The orchards look great... Click title to read more.
Grape 2017
7/10/2017 By Tyler Edwards
Grape 2017 - The fruit set on Concord Grapes in Burbank, WA looks to be OK after the cold Winter and wet Spring we had here in Washington. Due to these growing conditions... Click title to read more.
Pacific Northwest Raspberry 7-13-2016
7/13/2016 By Tyler Edwards
The 2016 raspberry harvest in Lynden, WA started around the 10th of June which is one of the earliest starts on record. The early varieties didnt yield very well, but all of the other varieties have looked great so far... Click title to read more.
Oregon Blackberry 7-13-2016
7/13/2016 By Tyler Edwards
Oregon blackberry harvest has been underway for almost a month, with only the late varieties left to be harvested. This crop is projected to be one of the largest on record in Oregon... Click title to read more.
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