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U.S. Apple Crop Forecast 2018-2019

8/26/2018  By Cris Hales

U.S. Apple Crop Forecast 2018-2019

U.S. Apple Association is forecasting the 2018/2019 apple crop at 10.7 billion pounds. Measured in 42-pound bushels, the crop is forecasted to be 256.2 million bushels.

This represents 15 million bushels less than 2017, and 2 million bushels below the 5 year average production.

The U.S. Apple Association is predicting similar production volumes.

U.S. Apple Assoc. estimates the following production changes to the 2018 crop compared to 2017:

  • 1% increase in production in the Eastern U.S.
  • 35% increase in the Midwest
  • 12% decrease in the Western U.S. (Washington State -13%)

Source: 2018 U.S. Apple Crop Production Forecast


From 2013 to 2018F varietal changes:

  • Red Delicious total production has decreased 12%
  • Golden delicious total production has declined 12%
  • Gala total production has increased 38%
  • Fuji total production has increased 25%
  • Honeycrisp total production has increased 148%
  • Cripps Pink total production has increased 148%

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