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Label-friendly Customizable Fruit Purées

7/27/2021  By Allyson (Ally) Swanstrom


Label-friendly Customizable Fruit Purées

Straight up, blended, and made with real fruit

Tree Top offers a wide range of single strength and concentrated fruit purées, but did you know we also have the capability to blend fruit purées? It’s true. Furthermore, did you know by ordering a customized blend of fruit purées you can order fewer ingredients? True again. When we produce customized purée blends, customers can order fewer ingredients, fill out less paperwork and experience potential cost savings.

Really though, the most important factor is – whether it’s a single fruit or a fruit blend – all the purée and purée concentrates produced at Tree Top, depending on the process, are minimally handled. This preserves the integrity of the fruit and its natural benefits – color, flavor, fiber, and nutrients. Having fruit on a food and beverage product label is a positive with consumers. Fruit is an ingredient both well liked and well understood by consumers.


Fruit purées:

  • Add sweetness and nutritional value to products and, according to the FDA, are not counted as added sugar
  • Offer more servings of fruit per cup than juice (½ cup of fruit purée = 1 serving vs. ¾ cup juice = 1 serving). Based on USDA guidelines 1 fruit serving = ½ cup
  • Are made with whole fruit, which provides products with additional fiber

Customized blends

The most recent blend we produced for a customer was a strawberry purée concentrate blended with single strength banana purée. Not only delicious, the strawberry banana purée arrived ready to use, within specification, fully mixed, and aseptically packed.

Furthermore, Tree Top produces consistent products, taking out the guess work for customers. Tree Top can produce simple blends along with more complex blends of single strength and concentrated purées. Desired attributes such as pH, brix, acidity, and viscosity can be achieved through blending different purées.

Blending opportunities

Single strength and concentrated purées can be blended together. Here are our current varieties:

Apple Blend Purée Apple Purée Concentrate
Apricot Purée
Apricot Purée Concentrate
Blackberry Purée
Blackberry Purée Concentrate
Blueberry Purée
Blueberry Purée Concentrate
Organic Apple Purée Organic Apple Purée Concentrate
Organic Peach Purée (Cling and Freestone) Organic Apricot Purée Concentrate
Organic Pear Purée Peach Blend Purée Concentrate (Cling and Freestone)
Peach Purée (Cling and Freestone) Pear Purée Concentrate
Pear Purée Plum Purée Concentrate
Plum Purée Red Raspberry Purée Concentrate
Raspberry Purée
Red Tart Cherry Purée Concentrate
Strawberry Purée Strawberry Purée Concentrate
Apple Sauce Tropical Purée Concentrate

If you’re interested in a custom purée blend, please contact us. We’d love to help you use our delicious, all-natural fruit purées in your applications.