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December 31, 2019 Cold Storage of Frozen Strawberry

2/11/2020  By Dan Winiecke
December 31, 2019 Cold Storage of Frozen StrawberryCurrent cold storage inventory of frozen strawberry in the U.S. as tracked by USDA is showing volume levels much lower than the past few years. There has not been a short position similar to this in the past ten years. In other years where inventory has been short, field pricing went up by 20% or more the next year. It is too soon to tell what will happen in that area, but the potential is there for a price increase this year. Imports of frozen strawberries have been higher to compensate for some of this, but there will need to be a large crop of freezer grade fruit this year to fill the current shortfall. Juice grade fruit is currently also in short supply out of the field. This is putting pressure on some field pricing currently.