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California Strawberry May 17, 2021

5/17/2021  By Dan Winiecke
California Strawberry May 17, 2021The processing strawberry volume in California increased last week from the week before as more growers switched to the processing market, but the volume of fruit last week was still below the average for this time of year. The fresh market has softened in pricing within the last week, but that has not caused a large shift in processing volume so far. The current week may be a turning point for this, but the volume of processing fruit so far this year is so far behind previous years that it is unlikely that there would be time to make up the lost pounds later on. Field pricing of strawberry is historically high. Juice grade pricing went up another $0.03 per pound today as that volume is also very short. Processors have been reluctant this year to quote pricing for strawberry since the price has been adjusting upward most weeks this season. With fresh market prices being lower right now, there may be some relief from the continual price increases we have seen for freezer grade fruit so far, but if more volume isn't generated this week going forward pricing could be under pressure again.