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California Strawberry March 7, 2022

3/7/2022  By Dan Winiecke
California Strawberry March 7, 2022Strawberry fresh market volume in the U.S. is trending ahead of last year for total production and imports. California production is ahead of last year with more acreage and much better yield. The result has been a current downward trend on FOB pricing. Current fresh market pricing is the lowest it has been in well over a year. Movement has slowed down and prices have fallen. It is difficult to say how this will get adjusted back to higher prices. Current pricing according to the USDA National Berry Report is around $7 per box. This low level of pricing could cause some growers to begin diverting a portion of their pick each day to processing to avoid having too much fruit in cold storage. With continued imports coming from Mexico, and good production in Florida this year, it may be a little while before volume slows enough to raise fresh market prices again. It will take a reduction in one of these areas to do this.