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California Strawberry June 12, 2019

6/12/2019  By Dan Winiecke

California Strawberry June 12, 2019The processing grade strawberry volume in the state of California is currently the smallest volume to date in the past five years. It is actually the smallest volume to date of the past ten years. The low volume is the opposite of what would have been predicted earlier in the season. The weather patterns that have impacted the state of California, from excessive rain and cold in May, to extreme heat in the past week, have left the processing strawberry crop, that typically is very large in the month of June, only producing half the volume it did at this same time last year. The current week (and most likely for the rest of June) is also looking to be very light in production. If the lower volumes remain as they look today, by the end of the month of June the state could be as much as 70 million pounds behind last year's volume. The juice grade volume looks better, but demand has been much stronger for that fruit this year. As a result of this, pricing is higher this season than it was last year.

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