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California Strawberry 3-31-2016

3/31/2016  By Dan Winiecke


The fresh market strawberry crop in California is running behind in volume compared to the last four years according to statistics from USDA published on the California Strawberry Commission's website. The removal of acreage, along with a slower start to the season, has left the volume much lower this year than last year. The heavy volume from Florida and Mexico over the past month has diminished, and California growers are facing a better marketplace than they were a few weeks ago. USDA is reporting that current pricing is $10-$12 per flat. A $12 market is a sustainable price for growers in California. Prices below that do not allow for growers to make enough money to cover all of the costs of their operation. The growers in California (especially in the south) need the next few weeks to be good or there could be another round of acreage removal next year.