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California Pear Bloom

4/3/2019  By Dan Winiecke
California Pear BloomThe pear bloom in the Sacramento area started this week, and may reach full bloom by this weekend. The weather should be mostly warm and mild with some showers. The crop is much more uniform this year, but the bloom is running very late. Many growers pruned their orchards back hard in expectation of a larger crop this year. The cannery demand in the state is expected to be small again as compared to the past, so there will likely be growers having to make decisions about what to do with any excess tonnage they may have if the crop sets well. The bloom clusters appear to have a lot of flowers in them this year as opposed to what happened last year. The cherry bloom is nearing an end as well in Sacramento. The potential is there for a large crop of cherries based on what the bloom has looked like, but the crop will also be late based on current bloom timing.