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California Cling Peach - May 22, 2017

5/22/2017  By Dan Winiecke
California Cling Peach - May 22, 2017The California cling peach crop estimate for 2017 is up from tonnage delivered in 2016 and very close to the crop processed in 2015. The larger issue in the industry currently is the absence of a crop price heading into the season. The freezer peach crop price was set a few weeks ago by one of the processors in the state $40 per ton lower than in 2016. The California Canning Peach Association has yet to set a price for 2017 with the processors in the state. The price negotiations are currently stalled and may not get set before the season begins. Growers have also planted a larger amount of trees in 2017 than in previous years. There is concern that there are too many acres now planted in the industry to support the demand for cling peaches.