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California Apricot March 2017

3/24/2017  By Dan Winiecke
California Apricot March 2017The California apricot crop looks to have been affected by weather conditions that have left certain orchards with very little fruit this year. The crop on some orchards looks small enough that they may not get picked, while other orchards have close to full production. The crop is a patchwork of conditions from orchard to orchard. It looks like the industry will be on the lower side of production this season overall. There are enough orchards with a sparse fruit set that the industry will be down in production. It is too soon to tell what the estimated volume will be. Last year the state produced 52,000 tons of apricots. In 2015 the crop came in at only 35,000 tons. It is likely that this year will be in between those numbers, and could be closer to the lower production volume of 2015.