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Weather Conditions

California Water Conditions
2/4/2016 By Dan Winiecke
California's water condition is much better this year than last year, but the drought has not been eliminated completely... Click title to read more.
Mild Winter in the Pacific Northwest
3/10/2015 By Tyler Edwards
We've been having a very mild weather here in the Pacific Northwest. The table below represents degree-day numbers for the last 3 years using 41 degrees as the base low temperature... Click title to read more.
First Bloom
2/4/2015 By Dan Winiecke
The first stone fruit varieties to bloom in the greater Fresno area are currently out... Click title to read more.
Dry and Warm Weather in California
1/27/2015 By Dan Winiecke
California is experiencing another very dry year for 2015... Click title to read more.
California Chill Hours
1/12/2015 By Dan Winiecke
The San Joaquin Valley in California has been experiencing a warm winter so far this year... Click title to read more.