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California Strawberry Production Trends 2018-2020
2/9/2021 By Dan Winiecke
Strawberry production was much heavier in fresh market volumes in 2020 than it was in processing volumes. Higher prices in each of these areas occurred along with this.
Cold Storage Inventory of Various Fruits as of December 31, 2020
2/9/2021 By Dan Winiecke
Current cold storage volumes of many fruits are below the ten year average. Blueberry is an exception to this.
Cold Storage of Strawberry in the U.S. to December 31, 2020
2/9/2021 By Dan Winiecke
Cold storage inventory of strawberry remains low in the U.S. Other areas of the world are also short. This will impact pricing for fruit in California in 2021.
California Strawberry Acreage Trends
2/9/2021 By Dan Winiecke
California has increased in acreage of winter producing strawberry this year. This should lead to greater fruit volumes being available if weather patterns are favorable.
Strawberry Acreage 2021
2/9/2021 By Dan Winiecke
The areas planted to strawberry in Mexico, Florida, and California are reported to have increased this year. There are some factors in each area that may limit the impact of the extra acreage on volume.
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