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Strawberry Cold Storage Inventory April 23, 2019
4/23/2019 By Dan Winiecke
Freezer inventory of strawberry reported by USDA is still at low volumes versus the five year average. Little change to these numbers will happen in April. It could be the middle of May before the season gets going with larger volumes.
California Strawberry April 23, 2019
4/23/2019 By Dan Winiecke
California strawberry production is steady, but not excessive right now. The fresh market is much lower presently, and growers will need to decide in the next week about staying in the fresh market or switching to processing.
California Strawberry April 1, 2019
4/1/2019 By Dan Winiecke
Low volumes of juice grade and freezer grade fruit to California strawberry processors have been occurring over the past few weeks.
California Strawberry Update March 29, 2019
3/29/2019 By Dan Winiecke
Good fruit quality with heavier volumes are currently being harvested in the Oxnard district. Peak production should happen in the next few weeks.
California Strawberry March 26, 2019
3/26/2019 By Dan Winiecke
USDA Cold Storage numbers for strawberry are currently lower than they have been since 2015.
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