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California Strawberry Update March 29, 2019
3/29/2019 By Dan Winiecke
Good fruit quality with heavier volumes are currently being harvested in the Oxnard district. Peak production should happen in the next few weeks.
California Strawberry March 26, 2019
3/26/2019 By Dan Winiecke
USDA Cold Storage numbers for strawberry are currently lower than they have been since 2015.
California Strawberry March 14, 2019
3/14/2019 By Dan Winiecke
Strawberry production in California continues to be slow for this time of year. It is the slowest start to the season in many years.
California Strawberry - February 12, 2019
2/12/2019 By Dan Winiecke
California strawberry production is being impacted by recent weather patterns that have reduced current pack volumes in the state.
Cold Storage Holdings of Strawberry
2/12/2019 By Dan Winiecke
The USDA Cold Storage Report shows a decline in strawberry inventory in 2018 versus 2017.
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