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California Strawberry Acreage in 2019
12/11/2018 By Daniel Winiecke
Strawberry acreage in California has been reduced in the north part of the state, but the main processing districts of Oxnard and Santa Maria have changed very little for 2019.
2019 Strawberry Acreage by Area
12/11/2018 By Daniel Winiecke
Acreage changes of winter planted strawberries in California, Florida, and Mexico are not substantial in 2019. Acreage will be similar to last year with exception of the north area of California.
California Strawberry - May 24, 2018
5/24/2018 By Dan Winiecke
California is experiencing record volumes of strawberry currently. This looks to be the case for a few more weeks.
Strawberry Cold Storage Inventory to March 31, 2018
5/1/2018 By Dan Winiecke
USDA Cold Storage Report numbers show a significant decrease in volume of frozen strawberries for current inventory versus 2017.
California Strawberry May 1, 2018
5/1/2018 By Dan Winiecke
California has had low strawberry processing volume numbers for year to date versus the recent past. Volume numbers are lower this season for freezer and juice grade strawberry than any of the past ten years.
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