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Micro organisms
Tree Top’s Food Safety Journey - Part II
1/26/2022 By Becky Douglas
It really doesn’t take much of the wrong organism – Listeria, E. coli, Clostridium – to make a person ill. So, when we start to design our food preservation systems, one of the first questions we need to answer is: How many organisms do we need to kill? Knowing your ingredient materials plays a big part in helping to answer that question...READ MORE
Foodborne Illness
Tree Top’s Food Safety Journey – Part I
12/9/2021 By Becky Douglas
During the past few years, I’ve been working to revalidate Tree Top’s manufacturing processes for microbial reduction. Throughout this journey, I reflected on the origin, history, and science behind food spoilage. My contemplation led me to the idea of creating a series of blogs, exploring this topic and sharing with you – our Tree Top voyage. This series of articles will focus on pathogenic and spoilage bacteria, known control methods, how the food industry tests, defines, and implements process treatments to affect the destruction of these organisms, and some great ideas for controlling processes to ensure repeatable results...READ MORE
Clean label fruit ingredients solutions in the plant based meat space
8/12/2021 By Kjersten Braaten
Meeting consumer sensory expectations of meat with regards to appearance, texture, and flavor is crucial to the success of plant-based meat analogs. Tree Top fruit ingredients offer a clean label solution that can help improve taste, provide texture, and deliver color in plant-based meat applications...READ MORE
blueberries, pear, apple, cherries, strawberries
Label-friendly Customizable Fruit Purées
7/27/2021 By Allyson (Ally) Swanstrom
Tree Top offers a wide range of single strength and concentrated fruit purées, but did you know we also have the capability to blend fruit purées? It’s true. Furthermore, did you know by ordering a customized blend of fruit purées you can order fewer ingredients? True again. When we produce customized purée blends, customers can order fewer ingredients, fill out less paperwork and experience potential cost savings. Really though, the most important factor is...READ MORE
Use of Apples as a Base in Formulation
2/1/2021 By Allyson (Ally) Swanstrom
Apples are an adaptable fruit that have the power to alter various food products. There are many varieties of apples and the ratio of sweetness to tartness can be utilized in many formulas. Each apple variety has a unique ratio of tartness (titratable acidity) and sweetness (brix). These attributes can be advantageous when striving for a certain flavor profile... READ MORE
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