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The making of high antioxidant pet treats
12/31/2019 By Annie Li
My colleagues, recently, attended the Petfood Forum at K-State and I wanted to share a breakout session Tree Top led. We received so many positive reviews on the hands-on workshop, I thought I’d share some of what we covered. Participants were given an opportunity to formulate innovative products that cross the blood-brain barrier to exert antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. See our Low Aw Recipe...READ MORE
Latest color stability shelf life study
10/29/2019 By Kjersten Braaten
Four 55 gallon drums of Apple Juice Concentrate (AJC) Type 1 were subjected to ambient temperature over a period of six weeks during the months of June and July to analyze color stability shelf life. Read our entire study here with findings...
factors affecting freeze and thawing times
Factors Affecting Freeze and Thaw Times for Products
9/27/2019 By Becky Douglas
“How long will this take to freeze or thaw?” This is a question that is regularly asked, and the short answer is always, “It depends!” I thought I would take an opportunity to build on Kristine’s fantastic article from August and highlight some of the history and science behind solid-liquid transitions as they occur in everyday foods and the complexity of why freezing and thawing can be so challenging. Read More...
Standards for Ingredient and Product Thawing and Tempering
8/27/2019 By Kristine McDonald
...If processes for tempering and thawing are not administered correctly, food safety is compromised by encouraging growth of pathogenic microorganisms and food quality is compromised by encouraging spoilage microbial growth. Microbial growth may also affect the product sensory aspects further compromising food quality. Read More...
IFT19 "Feed Your Future" Takeaways
7/2/2019 By Jeannie Swedberg, Annie Li, Cindy Conroy and Debbie Flores
Several of Tree Top’s Product Development Team attended the IFT19 Annual Food Expo “Feed Your Future” in June. Annie Li, Cindy Conroy and Debbie Flores all agreed, it was a “must attend show.” From their perspective, this event is a great spot to trend watch and see what’s happening in food and beverage product development. The event delivered on IFT’s intention to inspire and share the industry’s collective knowledge and to demo innovative solutions to help advance our planet’s food safety, nutrition, and sustainability.
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