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Cold Storage Inventory of Various Fruits as of December 31, 2020
2/9/2021 By Dan Winiecke
Current cold storage volumes of many fruits are below the ten year average. Blueberry is an exception to this.
Spring Scoop - hint it's ice cream
4/18/2018 By Jeannie Swedberg
Spring means our thoughts turn to ice cream and the annual IDFA Ice Cream Technology Conference. Catch up on what's new... Click title to read more.
Pacific Northwest Raspberry 7-13-2016
7/13/2016 By Tyler Edwards
The 2016 raspberry harvest in Lynden, WA started around the 10th of June which is one of the earliest starts on record. The early varieties didnt yield very well, but all of the other varieties have looked great so far... Click title to read more.
PNW Raspberry
8/13/2015 By Tyler Edwards
Raspberry harvest in Whatcom county and British Columbia has been over for a few weeks now... Click title to read more.
6/26/2015 By Tyler Edwards
Raspberry harvest is underway in the Pacific Northwest... Click title to read more.