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Food Allergens
Allergen Management
5/11/2022 By Kristine McDonald
When manufacturing foods, one aspect that must never be overlooked is the addition, purposeful or not, of allergenic materials into the food. As a manufacturer, we are required to control for allergens and label our products appropriately. Allergens that are undeclared on the product label account for nearly half, 48% of all recalls, FDA or manufacture initiated...READ MORE
Cleaning a Door
Environmental Monitoring
2/22/2022 By Kristine McDonald
Poor cleaning and sanitizing in food manufacturing can be a cause of foodborne illness by unintentionally inoculating the food products as they are manufactured. An effective Environmental Monitoring Program in a food manufacturing facility determines whether a pathogen or a spoilage organism is remaining after cleaning is performed and during the manufacturing process. READ MORE
Food Safety – A Matter of Culture: Part 2
11/1/2021 By Kristine McDonald
In part one of this blog, we discussed ways in which a food safety culture could be cultivated as part of the Global Food Safety Initiatives (GSFI) requirements. Creating and maintaining a ‘food safety culture’ is not only a requirement, but an essential initiative in providing safe and quality food products. Once the culture of a manufacturing facility expects and rewards food safe behaviors with a ‘top down’ approach, this integrity must be maintained and measured. With the commitment of top management and the trickle-down effect of a food safety culture, an organization can... READ MORE
Food Safety – A Matter of Culture: Part 1
9/13/2021 By Kristine McDonald
How to successfully create a 'food safety culture': During the past two years, the FDA has been cultivating a new initiative in the food manufacturing industry focused on establishing a ‘food safety culture.’ To further strengthen this initiative, the Global Food Safety Initiative (GSFI) certifying bodies, such as the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) have implemented ‘food safety culture’ in their code of requirements. You may be asking – why. Why with all the food safety rules, regulations and procedures already in place are we talking about food safety culture? It comes down to this. In reality, no facility can afford not to develop a healthy food safety culture...READ MORE
domino of block with hand stopping
The challenge of inevitable change
7/30/2021 By Kristine McDonald
We’ve all heard the saying, “the only constant in life is change.” This adage is certainly true regarding food manufacturing facilities. Change is a given in food manufacturing operations. What’s not a given is how we manage that change. The challenge in managing change in food manufacturing is controlling the implementation and documentation of changes... READ MORE
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