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Dog wants a snack
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11/16/2021 By Jeannie Swedberg
So, I recently read the title of a Mintel report – Pet Parents a New Breed of Snack Consumer (kudos to the author for the wordplay) – and the first thought that came to mind was: Do pet owners’ snack differently than non-pet owners? Do they favor savory snacks over sweet? Crunchy vs. chewy? Are cat owner snacking preferences the same as dog owners? My mind was whirling with the possibilities. Of course, I’m sure you’ve already guessed that wasn’t the point at all. The main premise of the report was the line between people food and petfood is blurring as people seek to bond with their pets by snacking together...READ MORE
What are the Most Desired Functional Health & Wellness Benefits in Pet Food/Treats?
10/22/2021 By Jeannie Swedberg
Pet owners are influenced by consumer trends – after all they’re consumers – and many of those same consumer trends flow right into the pet food segment. Good gut health is one of those consumer trends bridging the people food/pet food gap. Over the past decade or so, the food industry has done a great job communicating the benefits of good digestive health. So now people have an understanding that their gut health is important to their overall wellbeing. And in another case of ‘what’s good for me is good for my pet...READ MORE
Dog with bone on top of nose
Treats abound – from feel-good to fur-good
9/15/2021 By Jeannie Swedberg
Dog treats have come a long way over the past few decades just in sheer number and variety. During the same period, treats moved from being an occasional indulgence or training aid to a daily functional delivery system. This change has come as people’s attitudes toward pets shifted towards more humanization. Pets are more often valued family members and COVID coworkers than working animals or guardians. All this preamble is to say -- the dog treat segment of the petfood market is dynamic and enjoying brisk sales...READ MORE
baby boomer man giving dog high five
A Demographic “tail” of Premium Pet Food Sales
8/5/2021 By Jeannie Swedberg
As I’ve noted before in this space, the pet food segment continues to be robust despite the pandemic and the economic stresses it introduced. Part of the reason is the increase in sales of premium pet foods. Market analysts attribute the uptick in sales to more availability through broader distribution of these premium products, and they also say certain favorable demographic trends in the U.S. population are keeping demand strong. In fact, shifting age distributions are expected to keep the premium pet food market growing significantly through 2025...READ MORE
dog waiting for treat in hand
Are pet food sales recession proof?
7/21/2021 By Jeannie Swedberg
A recent analysis of the pet industry suggested it was recession proof. The reasoning given was that overall sales remained robust despite the economic recession caused by the pandemic last year. Take for instance dog food sales in the U.S last year. Retail sales of dog food had their strongest growth (6.8%) in more than two decades, according to Sundale Research. Last year total retail sales rose to $19.3 billion, following a solid 4.2% increase in 2019. Sundale attributed the category growth to the COVID-19 pandemic, which boosted dog adoptions and had more people spending time at home forging bonds with their four-footed friends...READ MORE
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