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Pet Food Labeling Aims to Make Labeling Guidelines More Consumer-Friendly
7/18/2019 By Jeannie Swedberg
Another discussion topic at Petfood Forum was about updating pet food nutrition labels. My take on that is—what took so long? Apparently, the current labeling, “Guaranteed Analysis and calorie contents,” was introduced in the early 1900s. From the average consumer’s view point, Guaranteed Analysis is nearly indecipherable as a guidepost for their pet’s nutritional needs. Click title to read more...
Influences Shaping the Pet Food Market
6/30/2019 By Jeannie Swedberg
Information I picked up at the recent Pet Food Forum suggests that pet food sales remain strong. Nielsen figures for pet consumables sales across all channels in 2018 totaled $32.7 billion, which is an increase of 5%. The interesting part of the data lies in the specific channel sales. Click title to read more.
Dogs’ nutrition mirrors owners’
5/31/2019 By Jeannie Swedberg
Have you ever noticed dogs sometimes resemble their owners? Well, perhaps it’s a gradual assimilation caused by people’s habits. I started thinking about this after attending a session at the recent Pet Food Forum in Kansas City, where a University of Illinois, animal sciences professor, Maria de Godoy, shared research results from a web-based survey of pet parents. In this instance, the sample was dog owners. Click title to read more.
Examining the supply chain – are you ready for complete transparency?
4/10/2019 By Jeannie Swedberg
In the March Petfood Blog, I asked the question – “Does transparency matter”? Champion Foods certainly thinks so. In fact, on March 21, 2019, Champion Petfoods announced it is forming the pet food industry's first Transparency Council. This committee is comprised of outside third-party experts and animal owners, who will explore each... Click title to read more.
As the lines between pet food and human food blur, does transparency matter?
3/4/2019 By Jeannie Swedberg
Recently, I had an opportunity to listen to a webinar exploring 2019 trend predictions for pet food, sponsored by the Pet Food Industry Magazine, and Watt Global Media... Their presentation revealed that several of the trends... Click title to read more.
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