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California Tree Fruit Bloom 2022
3/7/2022 By Dan Winiecke
Tree fruit bloom continues in the Central Valley of California. Cold night time temperatures in the past two weeks have caused damage to the bloom in some areas. It is too soon to know yet what the full extent of the damage will look like.
California Strawberry February 5, 2022
2/5/2022 By Dan Winiecke
The quality of the strawberry plants in the ground in California this year appear to be much better than in 2021. This should lead to a larger harvest in 2022. Fresh market production is beginning to pull ahead of where it was at this time last year.
USDA End of Year Cold Storage Fruit Inventory
2/2/2022 By Dan Winiecke
The USDA Cold Storage Report for the end of 2021 shows overall lower volumes of fruit versus the ten year average. Some fruit types are lower than they were at the end of 2020.
Strawberry Acreage 2022
1/18/2022 By Dan Winiecke
Strawberry acreage is up substantially this year. Overall strawberry production could be on for a record crop in 2022.
California Strawberry - May 4, 2021
5/4/2021 By Dan Winiecke
Freezer and juice grade strawberry volume in California continues to lag behind previous years. Strong fresh market pricing and lower fruit production have kept growers in the fresh market longer than is typical for this time of year.
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