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Formulating with new apple varieties
6/5/2020 By Kevin Holland
Why are there so many different varieties? I had an economics professor long ago proclaim that every dollar you spend is a vote. It’s a vote for a company to continue to produce something good. It’s no different with apples. Apple growers typically grow for the fresh market (the grocery stores) and will plant varieties that will maximize their profits. Growers are searching for the next great apple that ... READ MORE
California Apricot April 27, 2020
4/27/2020 By Dan Winiecke
The California apricot processing crop is estimated to be in short supply this year. The crop looks to be set similar to the volume in the state in 2018.
California Strawberry April 27, 2020
4/27/2020 By Dan Winiecke
California fresh market strawberry volume has increased to over 1 million trays per day. Some growers are beginning to switch fields over to processing in the Oxnard area. Juice grade strawberry is still in heavy demand with limited volume.
California Strawberry - April 7, 2020
4/7/2020 By Dan Winiecke
The processing strawberry crop has low inventory of most items, but there is a lot of uncertainty currently about where the market is headed this year. Field prices have posted higher this year than last year. USDA may be looking for as much as 75 million pounds of frozen strawberries above their normal purchases.
December 31, 2019 Cold Storage of Frozen Strawberry
2/11/2020 By Dan Winiecke
Cold storage inventory of strawberry at the end of 2019 shows smaller volumes than any of the previous ten years. Field pricing could be affected by this shortage as we move closer to the freezer grade season.
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