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Tyler Edwards

Oregon Blueberry 4-18-2016
4/18/2016 By Tyler Edwards
Early blueberry varieties including Duke, Legacy and Patriot are in full bloom in the Willamette Valley... Click title to read more.
Oregon Strawberry 4-18-2016
4/18/2016 By Tyler Edwards
Strawberries in Oregon have started to bloom with the most recent round of warm weather in the Pacific Northwest... Click title to read more.
PNW Blueberry
8/13/2015 By Tyler Edwards
Blueberry harvest is wrapping up around the Pacific Northwest with only late varieties still being picked... Click title to read more.
PNW Raspberry
8/13/2015 By Tyler Edwards
Raspberry harvest in Whatcom county and British Columbia has been over for a few weeks now... Click title to read more.
Tart Cherry
6/26/2015 By Tyler Edwards
Tart cherry harvest in Othello, WA is about 5 days away... Click title to read more.
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