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Consumers’ Food Production IQ
Consumers’ Food Production IQ
5/24/2019 By Jeannie Swedberg
As a food marketer, I’ve found it’s always good to understand what consumers care about when it comes to food. It’s often different than what you may think. So, when a Nielsen report on Food Hot Topics landed on my desk recently, I decided to spend a little time with it to see whether my understanding matched the research.
Ingredient Sourcing Location – Does it matter?
4/15/2019 By Jeannie Swedberg
Consumer watch groups spend a fair amount of time communicating to the masses on how the food industry has limited even this most basic element of transparency: Where ingredients are sourced. Consumers care about how and where products are made... READ MORE
Examining the supply chain – are you ready for complete transparency?
4/10/2019 By Jeannie Swedberg
In the March Petfood Blog, I asked the question – “Does transparency matter”? Champion Foods certainly thinks so. In fact, on March 21, 2019, Champion Petfoods announced it is forming the pet food industry's first Transparency Council. This committee is comprised of outside third-party experts and animal owners, who will explore each... READ MORE
As the lines between pet food and human food blur, does transparency matter?
3/4/2019 By Jeannie Swedberg
Recently, I had an opportunity to listen to a webinar exploring 2019 trend predictions for pet food, sponsored by the Pet Food Industry Magazine, and Watt Global Media... Their presentation revealed that several of the trends... Click title to read more.
Consumers Look For Snacks With Wellness Properties
2/21/2019 By Jeannie Swedberg
The progressing “snack landscape” has led to changing expectations for these eating occasions. People want snacks to supply nutritional benefits rather than just empty calories. Energy, satiety, focus, etc. is what the research firm IRI calls ‘lifestyle ingredients.’ Healthy snacks that fuel the body for an on-the-go lifestyle. Click title to read more...
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