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Jeannie Swedberg

As the lines between pet food and human food blur, does transparency matter?
3/4/2019 By Jeannie Swedberg
Recently, I had an opportunity to listen to a webinar exploring 2019 trend predictions for pet food, sponsored by the Pet Food Industry Magazine, and Watt Global Media... Their presentation revealed that several of the trends... Click title to read more.
Consumers Look For Snacks With Wellness Properties
2/21/2019 By Jeannie Swedberg
The progressing “snack landscape” has led to changing expectations for these eating occasions. People want snacks to supply nutritional benefits rather than just empty calories. Energy, satiety, focus, etc. is what the research firm IRI calls ‘lifestyle ingredients.’ Healthy snacks that fuel the body for an on-the-go lifestyle. Click title to read more...
Are Pet-Parents Concerned Over Artificial Colors, Flavors and Preservatives?
2/4/2019 By Jeannie Swedberg
Clean label means different things to different people. Clean label could mean, no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, short ingredient statements, familiar ingredients, or ethical sourcing, just to mention some of the trendier beliefs. For the past several years, no artificial colors, flavors or preservative call-outs have dominated the human side of the food industry. Pets are commonly treated as humans and valued family members, which is likely propelling pet-parents to demand the same free-from “negative” ingredients in the foods they feed their four-legged family members..... Click title to read more.
Jeannie's favorite food trends—the 2019 edition
12/31/2018 By Jeannie Swedberg
It’s that wonderful time of year again—all the trendologists are peering into the future and serving up a bounty of food and beverage predictions for the new year. Naturally, I enjoy reading the back stories behind their predictions, and this year’s anticipated trends reinforce that innovation and creativity are alive and well in our industry.... Click title to read more...
Trending Digital
12/24/2018 By Jeannie Swedberg
Recently, I’ve been reading several reports about how pet parents have also been migrating toward online shopping for their furry family member’s day-to-day goodies. With numbers like these, you can see why companies are growing their online presence...Click on title to read more.
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