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Cris Hales

U.S. Apple Crop Update 2018-2019
2/12/2019 By Cris Hales
The U.S. Apple Association announced Fresh and Processing holdings as of February 1, 2019. U.S. fresh-market apple holdings of 78.9 million bushels on February 1, 2019, are 12 percent less... Click on title to read more.
U.S. Apple Crop Forecast 2018-2019
8/26/2018 By Cris Hales
U.S. Apple Association is forecasting the 2018/2019 apple crop at 10.7 billion pounds. Measured in 42-pound bushels, the crop is forecasted to be 256.2 million bushels. Click on title to read more...
Apple Bloom Cycles and Harvest Predictors
3/30/2017 By Cris Hales
There is a science behind determining the harvest of our Washington State apples. Apple harvest is between August to early November with Red Delicious falling in the middle to later part of the harvest window... Click title to read more.
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