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Standards for Ingredient and Product Thawing and Tempering
8/27/2019 By Kristine McDonald
...If processes for tempering and thawing are not administered correctly, food safety is compromised by encouraging growth of pathogenic microorganisms and food quality is compromised by encouraging spoilage microbial growth. Microbial growth may also affect the product sensory aspects further compromising food quality. Read More...
Opportunities for pet food brands who value qualities like transparency, traceability and naturalness
8/22/2019 By Jeannie Swedberg
Brands can reassure pet owners of the integrity and safety of their products by using human-grade ingredients. Being more transparent about the provenance and manufacturing details of pet food can win over consumers. Read more...
2019 Apple Harvest Projected to be Large Crop
8/19/2019 By Cris Hales
The temperatures in the Pacific Northwest have been cooler than average through Mid-August. The favorable summer growing weather means that Washington growers are expecting a good quality crop. Some locations were hit with powerful thunderstorms August 9th-11th that produced heavy rains, hail, and strong winds. Temperatures are forecasted to rebound in late August and continue with slightly above normal temps in September and October. The 2019 apple harvest is projected to be large, up .... Read More
Demand for Plant-Based Foods Showing Continued Growth
7/30/2019 By Jeannie Swedberg
Late last year The Economist declared 2019 to be the Year of the Vegan. In the featured article, it stated that 25% of Millennials age 25 to 34 were identified as vegetarians or vegans. While this prediction gained a lot of attention in the food industry, what I find interesting is not veganism, which is still a small percentage of the total U.S. population, but the mainstreaming of plant-forward eating - flexitarians. This is people across the age spectrum increasing their ‘plant’ or fruit/vegetable/legume/grain intake. As a result, retail sales of plant-based foods in the U.S. grew 11% in the past year, totaling $4.5 billion... Click title to read more.
Pet Food Labeling Aims to Make Labeling Guidelines More Consumer-Friendly
7/18/2019 By Jeannie Swedberg
Another discussion topic at Petfood Forum was about updating pet food nutrition labels. My take on that is—what took so long? Apparently, the current labeling, “Guaranteed Analysis and calorie contents,” was introduced in the early 1900s. From the average consumer’s view point, Guaranteed Analysis is nearly indecipherable as a guidepost for their pet’s nutritional needs. Click title to read more...
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