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Wanted: Immune health food and beverages
10/21/2020 By Jeannie Swedberg
As we started 2020, immune health was on many of the lists of food trends to watch for this year, nestled among snacking, sustainability and mood foods. You could call it a consumer flirtation—one of those trends flirted with by people but without a real commitment. Then COVID-19 hit and that relationship turned into a full-fledged romance. Interest in immune health suddenly skyrocketed, as people began to embrace immune-enhancing products to ward off the pandemic or at least to improve their chances...READ MORE
apple orchard during harvest
Washington State Apple Crop Revised
10/19/2020 By Cris Hales
Due to recent wildfires in CA, OR, and WA, the original US Apple Association forecast was skewed. With harvest well underway in Washington state, new numbers estimate the crop being downgraded 10% to 15% putting the Western US crop (Washington state) at 168.9 million bushels at -10%. CA and OR numbers were unchanged due to unconfirmed data.
northwest pear crop
Northwest Pear Crop Update
10/19/2020 By Cris Hales
Northwest pear grower-shippers expected a comparatively light crop this year vs. last pear season. A cool and damp spring during pollination has contributed to some of this short fall, and a pocket of hail damage effected some growers significantly. The Pear bureau released its first official 2020-21 crop estimate in August and the forecast called for 16.6 million 44-pound box equivalents of fresh-crop pears
Building Immunity Through Ingredient Choices
10/14/2020 By Kevin Holland
Prior to the pandemic, younger consumers expressed a pronounced interest in foods and beverages that offer synergistic benefits beyond taste and nutrition, to support vital functions such as immune support, gut health, and cognition, among others. This interest in functional foods has not waned but grown stronger given the health concerns shared by all Americans. Research indicates that fruit ingredients can play a significant role in promoting a healthy immune system...READ MORE
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Food Fraud
10/1/2020 By Kristine McDonald
What is it and why does it matter? The term Food Fraud is new to the food industry, but the adulteration of foods for economic gain is not a new concept. In fact, it is documented as far back as ancient Rome, where laws were enacted to prevent the watering down of wine for sale to “stretch” the commodity. Food Fraud is defined as the act of purposely altering, misrepresenting, mislabeling, or substituting food products at any point along the supply chain. Food Fraud can be as simple as... READ MORE
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