Tree Top


Concord Grape Sorbet Delight


Grape Sorbet

125 g Northwest Naturals' Concord Grape Juice Concentrate

25 g Tree Top Apple Juice Concentrate

25 g Tree Top Pear Juice Concentrate

325 g water

0.75 g TIC gum (stabilizer)

1.40 g lemon juice

White Chocolate Pistachio Gelato

269.70 g milk

269.70 g cream

3 egg yolks

67.40 g sugar

1.40 g vanilla extract

67.40 g white chocolate

67.40 g chopped pistachios



Grape Sorbet:

Combine all ingredients, except water holding 10x weight of gum in water for hydration. Hydrate gum in blender for 3-5 min. Combine with other ingredients and churn in sorbet/ice cream maker until smooth. Chill.

White Chocolate Pistachio Gelato:

Combine milk, cream, sugar, vanilla extract and white chocolate. Heat over medium heat until sugar has dissolved and chocolate has melted. Temper mixture with egg yolks until incorporated. Mix in chopped pistachios and chill until cool. Churn in gelato/ice cream maker until smooth. Chill.

To Assemble:

Layer scoops of Concord Grape Sorbet and White Chocolate Pistachio Gelato between wafer cookies.