Tree Top


Chipotle Vegetable Sauce


20.2 g Tree Top Apple Juice Concentrate, TTAO1, 70 Brix

8 g Tree Top Apple, Drum Dried, 20 Mesh with Sulfur

2.02 Northwest Naturals Lime Concentrate, 44 Brix #212835

6 g chipotle in adobo, pureéd, canned

14.55 g sherry vinegar

40.40 g olive oil, extra virgin

8.08 g mire poix flavor, drum dried, quest Intl.

3.23 g salt

4 g pepper, ground black, 18 mesh

1.20 g cumin, ground

2 g chile powder, pasilla

0.81 g Saladizer, gum #702, Tic

8.10 g parsley dried, leaf

4.04 g cilantro, medium, IQF



Blend all dry ingredients and reserve.

Mix Lime concentrate, chipotle, apple concentrate and sherry in a blender.  Add dry ingredients slowly while blending. Add cilantro and the oil in a slow and steady stream. Refrigerate.